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Ashgabat is the capital of sovereign Turkmenistan. The city was founded in 1881 as a military fortification to replace the village of Ashgabat.


For the past century, this small village has grown into a prosperous city with a population of circa 604.000. Located in a seismic area, Ashgabat suffered a destructive earthquake in 1948. The city was restored at a rapid rate, and a new beautiful and comfortable Ashgabat with wide green streets, nice buildings, park and fountains rose from the ruins. Special anti - seismic structures of reinforced concrete were used for the reconstruction.


Ashgabat is a major industrial centre of Turkmenistan today, featuring more than 50 factories, including an oil equipment plant, glass works, spinning mills, silk factories, etc. Carpets - making in Ashgabat has gained international renown. The Turkmen Academy of Science was established in 1951 and has been operating in many crucial areas of research through 18 of its institutes, including the Institute of Desert, the Sun research and production amalgamation and the Institute for Seismology.

Ashgabat also has nine colleges, dozens of secondary special and vocational schools.

The capital city of Turkmenistan boasts four theatres (an opera and ballet theatre, the Drama Theatre, the Theatre of Russian Drama and a children's theatre), a philharmonic society, cinema halls and museums. 


The Turkmen horse circus has earned high acclaim abroad. The state - owned TV and radio company broadcasts in Turkmenistan and Russian. The Republic also has its own movie studio, Turkmenfilm.

Ashgabat is a green city created by man on the border of the Garagum desert. Scorching summers have compelled people to plant trees in the streets and parks. A total of 35.000 - 40.000 trees and shrubs are planted in Ashgabat annually. Green recreation zones have also been set up in various districts. 

Map Of Aºgabat
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P H O T O    A L B U M



The meeting room of the Council of Ministers' of Turkmenistan.








 Ashgabat. The hotel "Ak Altyn-Plaza".

Ashgabat. The hotel "Akhal".

 Ashgabat. The hotel "Independent"

Ashgabat. The hotel "Nebitchi".

Ashgabat. the hotel "Asia"

Ashgabat. The hotel "Akhal".


























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Hotels in Aºgabat

Listed below are  the major hotels in Ashgabat.
The rating system is unofficial.

 Sheraton Grand Turkmen Hotel starstarstarstarstar

The five-star Sheraton Grand Turkmen Hotel with two  restaurants, bar, casino, health club, swimming pool and tennis court (6 floors, 120 rooms), built in 1995, is located in the city centre close to the  administrative and shopping districts. The hotel is a part of the Sheraton Hotels Group. "Turkmenbashi" airport - 15 minutes. Railway station- 5 minutes.
The location of "Sheraton Grand Turkmen" is exclusively comfortable. There are City's Administration (Hyakimlik), Central Bank of Turkmenistan, Parliament of Country (Mejlis), Cabinet of Ministers, ministries, establishments, museums and theatres, and best restaurants, casino, shops and markets within the 1 km radius.
Conference - hall has two balconies, with beautiful mountainous panorama of Kopet - Dag and city view. To run conference and seminar visitors of hotels can use technical equipment such as computers, fax machines, printers, copying machines, and also secretarial services.

Address: 7 Georogly ulitsa
Phone :
Fax :
Single - 175$ 
Double - 250$ 
Deluxe - 300$ 
President's - 400$ 

Visa and American Express are accepted.


Four Points Ak Altyn Hotel starstarstarstar

The five-star Four Points Sheraton Ak Altin Hotel with two  restaurants, bar, casino, health club, swimming pool and business center(5 floors, 136 rooms), built in 1994, is ideally located in the city centre close to the administrative and shopping areas. The hotel is a member of the Sheraton Hotels Group. "Turkmenbashi" airport - 15 minutes. Railway station - 5 minutes. 
Visa and American Express are accepted.


Services are excellent. Comfortable rooms with air - conditioners, individual heating, international and local lines, satellite phone connection and TV are at guest's disposal. The hotel is well - equipped with a gymnastic hall, massage rooms, Turkish bath, solarium, indoor and outdoor pools, banquet hall and conference hall and parking.

For fruitful work and rest hotel "Four Point Ak Altyn" has information desk, luggage store room, personal cases, business - center, medical cabinet, valet services, secretary, translator (interpreter) and housekeeper. 


Address: 78 Karakuliev ulitsa 7 Gerogly Street

Phone :
Fax :

Single - 175$ 
Double - 250$ 
Deluxe - 300$ 
Small President's Suite - 325$ 
President's Suite - 500$ 


The four-star Ahal Hotel with a restaurant, bar, swimming pool and bowling alley(3 floors, 22 rooms) is located in the beautiful "Berezengi" district in 7 kilometres from the city centre. The administrative and shopping areas are 15 minutes away. "Turkmenbashi" airport - 20 minutes. Railway station- 15 minutes. 
Visa accepted with a 4 percent service fee.

Address: Novofiryuzinskoe shosse
Phone :
Fax :
floors, 21 rooms), built in 1993, is
located in 7 kilometres from the centre of the city in a marvellous place "Berezengi" close to the administrative and governmental districts. The National Historical Museum is not far from the hotel. "Turkmenbashi" airport - 20 minutes. Railway station - 15 minutes.
Visa accepted with a 4 percent service fee.

Address: Novofiryuzinskoe shosse
Phone :
Fax :

Hotel Nebitchi starstarstarstar

The four-star Nebitchi Hotel with a swimming pool, pool bar, sauna (2 floors, 18 rooms), built in 1994- 1995, is ideally located in the beautiful district "Berezengi", close to the Carpet Museum. "Turkmenbashi" airport - 20 minutes. Railway station - 15 minutes. 


The category of hotel is 4 - stars. The rooms are modern equipped: air - conditioner and heating, TV - and radio, telephone and mini - bar.

Hotel offers such services as laundry, barber's, valet and housemaid. Hotel can assist to organize tourist travels.

There are excellent gymnastic hall, sauna, outdoor swimming pool, tennis court, conference - hall for 10 - 15 people in the hotel.


Address: Novofiryuzinskoe shosse
Phone :
Fax :
Single - 100$ 
Double - 150$ 
Deluxe - 250$ 

Visa accepted with a 4 percent service fee.

Hotel Nissa starstarstarstar

The four-star Nissa Hotel with a swimming pool, pool bar, 
 sauna, turkish sauna, gym, Jacuzzi. Restaurant with italian cuisine (5 floors, 141rooms), built in 1998, is located in the very city centre close to the useum is nearby. "Turkmenbashi" airport - 20 minutes. Railway station - 10 minutes. Visa and American Express accepted.

Address: 18b Atabaev ulitsa
Phone :
Fax :

Hotel Rahat starstarstar

The four-star Rahat Hotel (2 floors, 14 rooms) is located in the marvellous district "Berezengi" in 7 kilometres from the city centre, close to the administrative area. "Turkmenbashi" airport - 20 minutes. Railway station - 15 minutes. 

Address: Novofiryuzinskoe shosse
Phone :
Fax :

Hotel Turkmenistan starstarstarstar

The four-star Turkmenistan Hotel with a restaurant, bar and grocery store(3 floors, 60 rooms), built in 1950 and totally reconstructed in 1994- 1995, is located in the city centre close to the administrative and shopping areas. "Turkmenbashi" airport - 15 minutes. Railway station - 5 minutes. 

Address: 19 Nezavisimogo Turkmenistana ulitsa
Phone :
Fax :

Hotel Gara Altyn starstarstarstarstar

The five-star Gara Altin Hotel (3
floors, 18 rooms) is located in the
marvellous "Beresengi" district in 7
kilometres from the city centre. The National Historical Museum, the Fine Arts Museum are in 10 minutes from the hotel. "Turkmenbashi" airport - 20 minutes. Railway station - 15 minutes.
No credit cards accepted. 

Address: Novofiryuzinskoe shosse
Phone :
Fax :

Hotel Siyakhat starstarstar

Hotel "Siyakhat" is one of the oldest in Ashgabat and famous for its old tradition of excellent service.

For work and rest of the guests remarkable conditions are created, and services of laundry, hairdresser's, organization of tourist trips and excursions, taxi and bus services, airplane and railway tickets are provided. In souvenir shop guests can choose various hand - made wares of traditional Turkmen works.
Have a Restaurant also.


Phone: (99312) 34-4033; 34-4011
Fax: (99312) 34 - 4071

Single - 12,65$ 
Double - 15$ 
Deluxe - 18$ 
Luxe - 22$ 

Hotel Internationa Centre 


"Annaniyaz - aga international centre of mountains tourism and rest" was founded in May 1996, and located in picturesque place - Chuli, 40 km from Ashkhabad. Wonderful landscapes, cool canyon with cold and rapid Chulinka River, famous oak grove, travels and picnics in the mountains - walks, horseback trips and excursion by car. All that wonderful pleasures are accessible here, around the Center.

The International Center has capability to serve 400 - 500 guests per month. Center has 14 equipped comfortable rooms, with modern conveniences - air - conditioner, heating, satellite TV, international and trunk lines. You can make use of such services as laundry, hair dresser's, car parking, taxi order, It is planning now to put into operation swimming pool, sauna, tennis court and disco hall.

There is comfortable conference - hall accommodate 30 to 40 people.


Single / Double - 200.000 - 450.000 manat 
Deluxe - 450.000 - 550.000 manat 

Phones: (99312) 31 - 3158 / 59 
Fax: (99312) 31 - 3161 

The restaurant of Center offers a wide variety of European and Turkmen national cuisine and beverage for your delight.

Restaurants in Aºgabat


Italian cuisine. Wide selection of pasta, meat, chicken and seafood dishes. Cozy dinning room atmosphere. Visa accepted with a service fee.
Moderately priced. 
Location: Berzengi Road 

Four Points Ak Altyn Plaza Hotel Coffee Shop 

American and Turkish dishes. Good selection of sandwiches and light fare. On the weekdays there is also a buffet of Turkish salads, meats and desserts.
Visa accepted with a service fee. Moderately priced. 
Location: Ak Altyn Plaza Hotel, 141 Makhtumkuli Avenue 

Four Points Ak Altyn Plaza Hotel Restaurant 

Indian cuisine. Selection of steak, pasta and chicken.
Pleasant environment.  On the weekends, chamber and jazz groups perform. Visa accepted with a service fee.
Moderately expensive. 
Location: Ak Altyn Plaza Hotel, 141 Makhtumkuli Avenue 

Altyn Turkmenistan

American and Middle Eastern dishes.  Selection of kebabs, steaks, chicken and omelets in a pleasant setting. Azeri, Turkish and Western music with dance perfomers.
Visa card accepted.  Moderately priced. 
Location: Hotel Turkmenistan, 19 Neutral Turkmenistan Street 


Turkish dishes. Typical Turkish kebabs and salads in rustic surroundings. No credit cards or dollars accepted, only manats. Inexpensive. 
Location: Gagarin Street (road to the airport) 

Sheraton  Grand Turkmen Restaurant 

Turkish cuisine. Large buffet of Turkish main dishes and salads. Entertainment on the weekends. Separate bar and casino. No credit cards accepted. Moderately expensive. 
Location: Emperyal Grand Turkmen Hotel, 7 Gerogly Street 


Iranian and European cuisine.  Large menu of lamb, chicken and fish dishes.  Pleasant environment. A dancing group and a band perform at nights. 
Moderately expensive.  No credit cards accepted. 
Location: former Teremok Cafe at the Eternal Fire square 

Florida Restaurant 

Turkish and European cuisine. Large menu of chicken, lamb, fish and beef dishes in pleasant surroundings.
Also a separate casino. No credit cards accepted. Moderately expensive. 
Location: Florida Restaurant, 2nd floor, 4 Gerogly Street 

Florida Pub 

American and English food such as hamburgers, sandwiches and fish'n chips. Also a popular bar and gathering spot for Western visitors and residents, both at mealtimes and for "happy hours."
No credit cards accepted. Moderately priced. 
Location: 4 Gerogly Street (downstairs from the Florida Restaurant) 


Italian cuisine. Wide selection of pasta, meat and seafood dishes, as well as good pizza. European style dining room overlooking the swimming pool.
Visa card accepted. Moderately priced. 
Location: Nissa Hotel, Turkmenbashi and Atabaev Streets 


Turkish and European cuisine.  Large menu of beef, lamb and chicken dishes. Pleasant environment. No credit cards accepted. Moderately priced. 
Location: Mizan Business Center, Berzengi 

Pizza Haus 

Turkmen private pizzeria with Turkish and Italian cuisine.  Large menu of beef, lamb and chicken dishes.
Pleasant environment.  No credit cards accepted. Moderately priced. 
Location: 72-A Makhtumkuli Street (opposite the Central Departmentstore

Nissa-Truva Turkish cuisine. 

Menu includes daily special, hamburgers, pizza, and in-house bakery. Good lunch salad bar, evening entertainment. No credit cards accepted. Moderately priced. 
Location: Gorgoly and Shota Rustaveli Streets 


Iranian and Russian cuisine.  Iranian pilaf and Russian borsch are the daily menu specials. Cozy environment and good location in downtown.  Moderately priced. 
Location: Central Library at the Neutrality Arch square 

Tourism in Aºabat

The State Tourism Corporation of Turkmenistan "Turkmensiyakhat"
17, Pushkin Street, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, 744000
E-mail: travel@emtm.net
Tel: (99312) 35-4777; Fax: (99312) 39-6740; 39-7537

The State Tourism Corporation of Turkmenistan "Turkmensiyakhat" was founded in July 1994 (according to the Decree of President Saparmurat Turkmenbashi). "Turkmensiyakhat", functioning as the Ministry of Tourism, takes purposeful measures to set rights of tourism business, keeping in mind the problems of statistics and market analysis, publicity and information.

The national tourist industry consists of 50 tourist enterprises, firms and companies, a branch network of hotels and other accommodations, a great part of which answers modern requirements and other various services connected with tourism. Moreover, the State Tourism Corporation and its departments and hotels guarantees full employment for 755 employees.

The State Corporation "Turkmensiyakhat" defined the next six helpful directions to be priorities in its activity:

Developing and reinforcing tourist equipment in Turkmenistan 
Quality of developing tourism (clarification of tourist formalities, liberalization of exchanges, protection of tourist's health and security, completion of legal system) 
Training and re-training personnel 
Planning, protecting environment and historical-archaeological memorials 
Statistic and market analysis, advertising and informing 
Developing cooperation, communication and documentation 
The most important directions of the Corporation's activity in Government Program realization is protection and propaganda of historical and cultural heritage of Turkmenistan and its abroad tourist potential. 

Turkmenistan is one of more unspoiled, more beautiful and more fascinating places you ever visited and "Turkmensiyakhat" do its best to realize tourism potential of Turkmenistan.


Tourism companies in Aºgabat
"AMADO Ltd" Tourist company
69, Azady Street, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, 744000
Tel/Fax: (99312) 39-7368; 51-0412; 51-1176
E-mail: amado@online.tm; amado@amado.8m.com
Tour Operator License #0000282 SITA ASBALHY
Associated member of PATA, ASTA, JATA



Since May 1993 the tourist company "AMADO LTD" offers the services for individual tourists and tourist groups both within Turkmenistan and abroad. Our company is ready to supply your customers with any travel services they may require in Turkmenistan and we can offer you itineraries and services for excursions along "The Great Silk Road" from Shanghai to Istanbul in cooperation with leading tourist companies of the Commonwealth of the Independent States. Since 1998 our company is official representative of Uzbekistan Airways. 

The Tourist Company "Amado Ltd" has a honor to propose unforgettable journeys which give a unique possibility of acquaintance with Oriental coloring of our country to be involved in cradle of ancient culture of Turkmenistan. We specialize in itineraries for culture, environmental, historical, archeological, and leisure tours.

The following outlines the types of services which your customers may need and which our company will provide:

Visa support (to enter Turkmenistan you need to obtain visa at the Embassy of Turkmenistan in your country if it is available, in International airport of Ashgabat on arrival or in the border point. Visa is given on the basis of our letter of invitation authorized by Ministry of foreign affairs. The procedure of authorization takes 10 days. To process letter of invitation we need your passport data and terms of your stay in Turkmenistan 
Transportation, airport pickups, farewell on border 
Hotel accommodation & meals 
Excursion services 
Guide interpreter services 
Flight-ticketing and booking 
Services to foreign delegations, representatives of foreign firms, companies and local employers 
Promotion and organizing of advertisement, exhibitions and presentations for the firms and companies according to their requirements 
For any further information do not hesitate to contact:

Mr. Dovletmurad Amanov, President of the tourist company "AMADO Ltd" 
Mr. Goryunov Dmitry, Incoming Department Manager 
Discover Turkmenistan with us!

"Elkhan - Syiakhat" Tourist company
5, Chary Nurymov Street, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, 744000
Tel: (99312) 35-6503; 35-6504 ; Tel/Fax: (99312) 35-4963
E-mail: elkhan@cat.glasnet.ru 
Web site: www.cat.glasnet.ru/elkhan/ 
Tour Operator License #0000312


Tourism and travel company “Elkhan - Syiakhat”, one of the leading tourist enterprises of the country has a two year experience on an international tourism. We have obtained modern working style, created a stuff of reliable specialists.

Experienced and qualified employees are able to serve customers and to take care of organizing their rest inside the country and abroad. We are carrying out a lot of work to extend relations with local and foreign partners. 

Our aim is to reach the proper Turkmenistan tour where both the destination and the services are equally unique. With a keen eye on quality, we combine a variety of itineraries with a wide choice of tours all flavored by and enriched with the best lodging, guiding and transportation facilities set to make your tour to Turkmenistan a special experience.

We are successfully cooperating with various foreign tourist companies in Germany, Thailand, India, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan.

Elkhan - Syiakhat” keeps on opening new tours for local customers: in the mid - 1999 the enterprise rendered assistance to start Ashgabat - Urumqui flight.

We are always pleased to see every customer. Our well - trained stuff and active attitude towards the tourism industry help us to gain the trust of our clients. We are opening new spheres of business all over the world with other agencies who are interested in assisting people to discover a new independent and neutral country of Turkmenistan. “Elkhan - Syiakhat” is a reliable partner and always guarantees high standard service.

We are pleased to provide our customers with the following services: 

“Great Silk Road” tours (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Iran) 
Inbound tours 
Group & individual reception 
Visa support 
Air-tickets reservation 
Translation and interpretation services 
Transport services 
Guide services 
Juridical services 
Arrangement of presentations & exhibitions 
Any consultation 
For Turkmenistan citizens we are ready to propose fascinating and unforgettable trips to American, European, South and South - Asian countries.

Elkhan - Syiakhat” private enterprise is open for new ideas and proposals from the companies interested in cooperation!

Your are welcome to share with us our aspiration for perfection.

"SAADA" Tourist company
117\18, Magtumguly Street, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, 744000
Tel: (99312) 35-0644; Fax: (99312) 35-2004
Tour Operator License #0000314

"SAADA" is the private tourism company under the leadership of Kaka Myatiev. "SAADA" was founded in 1996.

During the 3 years our stuff were work hard to develop tourism and now it is a big company which can welcome foreign tourists with the wide range of services:

visa support 
accommodation facilities 
ticket reservations 
juridical services 
to historical and nature sights of Turkmenistan. "SAADA" is still opening the new tours for local and foreign tourists: in the beginning of June started the new route to Nohur. "SAADA" always pleased and ready to have strong ties around the world and closely cooperate with the partners in the field of tourism.

If You are interested in "SAADA", please do not hesitate to contact us.

"ALHO" Ltd Tourist company
19, Bitarap Turkmenistan Street, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, 744000
Tel/Fax: (99312) 35-7828
Tour Operator License #0000214


We are very glad to invite you to the world of travels
Tourist company "ALHO" Ltd offers you interesting itineraries of Turkmenistan
Many marvelous things are awaiting the guests of this sunny country where there are a plenty of flourishing oases - ancient and modern ones as well, also splendid sight of nature which are attractive at any season, nature reserves, beautiful buildings, the comfortable hotels with rich set of traditional entertainments and happening places.

"ALHO" Ltd offers you interesting and exotic itineraries of Turkmenistan.

Our experienced guide will help you during your travel and tell you a lot of fantastic legends and real facts about rich historical and cultural legacy of ancient people, you will see "Nokhur - Country of Legends", also we can suggest you a walk on the horses and spent a pleasure time on the coast of Caspian Sea.

"ALHO" will give the modern system of service for foreign tourists:

visa support 
hotel reservation 
transfer & services 
city tours & excursions 
rent a car 

We happy to realize any of your dreams!

"Ovadan - Tourism" travel company
65, Azadi Street, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, 744000
Tel: (99312) 39-1825; Tel/Fax: (99312) 35-4860
E-mail: trowadan@cat.glasnet.ru
Tour Operator License #0000316


"Ovadan - Tourism" travel company has been working in tourist business since 1996. At present time it is one of the leading companies - tour operators of Turkmenistan. "Ovadan - Tourism" gives the whole range of professional travel services, receipts foreign tourists in Turkmenistan, sends off local tourists abroad and develops national tourism. "Ovadan - Tourism" travel company offers unforgettable tours through the territory of Turkmenistan - a country situated on the Great Silk Road.

Today "Ovadan - Tourism" renders the whole spectrum of tourist service:

Individual and group tourists departure to foreign countries 
Foreign tourists reception and service at the territory of Turkmenistan 
Business - tour organization 
Visas to Turkmenistan and adroad 
Hotels reservation 
Air tickets reservation for the flights through Ashgabat airports 
Travelling through the territory of our country tourists will get acquainted with unique history and culture of ancient and modern Turkmenistan.

Welcome to independent neutral Turkmenistan !

"LATIF" Central Asian International Travel and Tours 
36A, Khoudaiberdiev Street, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, 744000
Tel: (99312) 41-9164; 41-5087; Fax: (99312) 41-9039; 41-5077
E-mail: latif@cat.glasnet.ru
Web site: www.turkmenistan-travel.com
Tour Operator License #0000272


We invite you to homeland, Turkmenistan. If you are interested in the history and culture of our country, we are at your service with all kinds of travel services you may require in along "The Silk Road".

Our company is well known in Turkmenistan as one of the leaders in international tourism. Our reliable partners in neighbouring countries can organize joint programs along "The Silk Road" from Istanbul in Turkey through Iran, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrghizia to the Chinese border. 

Our guides are professional travel agents experienced in giving the best international customer service. Our agents speak excellent English and Russian. If necessary we can engage a guide who speaks French, Italian, or German to guarantee a truly memorable trip. They offer in - depth knowledge of all sites of interest. We are up - to - date with information to ensure a safe, interesting and comfortable journey.

"LATIF" offers the following services: 

Visa support 
Room reservations 
Transportation (a/c cars, mini - vans and coaches). Transfers to the airport / hotel / airport 
Dining in the best local restaurants 
Excursions with English - German - and French - speaking guides 
Booking and purchasing of tickets for all international and local flights 

"TourStroyService" Tourist company
20, Azady Street, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, 744000
Fax: (99312) 47-4571
Tour Operator License #0000307


We have the pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of well - known tour operators in Turkmenistan.

Tourist Co. "TourStroyService" has been operating in the field of foreigners services since 1995.

We are keeping close relationships with partners in neighbouring Countries and, therefore, we are able to provide full set of tourist Services (incl. visas, transfers, accommodations, etc) with high standards on itineraries along Great Silk Road involving Uzbekistan, Kyrgystan, Iran.

Another primary branches of our activities are different types for active kinds of tourism - rock - climbing, tracings, desert crossing, etc.

To develop such routes we have well - arranged campings in most picturesque gorge of Kopetdag Mountains - Sekizyab canyon. Fans of active relaxation can enjoy the beauties of unusual natural sites and clear mountain air. Simultaneously they would be able to check their own skills in adventure exercises like rock - climbing, horse riding, overnight in Karakum desert.

Also, we have camping place on the bank of Geok - tepe artificial Lake where for your kind attention fishing and some water enjoyments would be offered. Including excursions to impressionable natural amazing - underground lake Kov-ata.

We are working in cooperation with local sporting club. So, we can provide experienced staff (almost all of them with rescuers skill) to secure safe and interesting excursions just on sites. Let us know your special interest and we will develop the route in accordance with your wishes.

For any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us by fax (993) 12 47-45-71 or address 20, Azadi Str., Ashgabat, 744000, Turkmenistan. (number of governmental license is 0000307).

We are looking forward to hear you soon.

"DN TOURS" Tourist company
48/1, Makhtumkuli Avenue, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, 744000
Tel: (99312) 47-9217; Tel/Fax: (99312) 47-0121; Fax: (99312) 51-1660
E-mail: dntour@cat.glasnet.ru
Web site: www.wild-ox.com/dntour/
Tour Operator License #0000208 


"DN TOURS" (Touroperator License N 0000208) specializing in inbound tourism as a main part of its activity during many years & offers a wide range of tours for foriegn travelers around Turkmenistan & Central Asia region. 

For you we organize:

Visa Support 
Group as well as individual tours 
Sightseeing & Business tours 
Historical, Archeological & Religious tours 
VIP tours 
The organization of seminars, congress & business meeting organizations 
Transport service: coach, minivan, car 
Tour guide services 
Exclusive arrangements for business travelers 
"DN TOURS" is a regular participant in major international travel exhibitions & fairs abroad as TITF '97, '98 (Tashkent). Vakantie'98, '99 (Utrecht), ITB'98, '99 (Berlin), WTM'98 (London).

Places of interest in Ashgabat, Mary, Dashoguz & other cities of Turkmenistan invariably attract foreign travelers. Our company is working hard to open new horizons of travel & offer new tour programs for its customers.

To resolve the problem of transportation for its clients, "DN TOURS" has its own deluxe coaches, minivans & sedan cars with A/C.

Although, Turkmenistan is not widely known by foreign travelers, "DN TOURS" guarantees for tourists of all over the world that in Turkmenistan safety, prestige & a hospitable atmosphere awaits them.

Feel the difference with us


Airport Information Desk: (New airport)
Tel: (993-12) 51-00-16, 51-00-24

International Ticket Office: (Old airport)
Tel: (993-12) 35-48-57

80 Makhtumkuly Street 
Tel: (993-12) 35-48-57, 39-58-53, 51-00-16, 51-00-24, 35-06-13 

71 Makhtumkuly Street 
Tel: (993-12) 51-16-66, 51-22-19, 51-06-66 
Fax:(993-12) 51-22-18 

Located at the new airport 
Tel: (993-12) 51-06-84, 51-06-94, 
Fax: (993-12) 51-07-28 
E-mail:  lufthansa@cat.glasnet.ru 
Lufthansa Cargo 
Tel:  (993-12) 51-03-31 

Iran Air 
71 Makhtumkuly Street 
Tel: (993-12) 51-06-41, 51-06-42 
Fax: (993-12) 510641 

71 Makhtumkuly Street 
Tel: (993-12) 35-01-64, 51-01-06 
Fax: 51-18-18 

7 Gerogly Street 
Emperial's Grand Turkmen Hotel 
Tel: (993-12)51-17-99, 51-18-00 

arm-AirArmenian Airlines
International Airport named after Saparmurat Turkmenbashy 
Tel: (993-12) 51-01-37,  271-84-05 
Fax:(993-12) 51-01-37 

International Airport named after Saparmurat Turkmenbashy 
Tel: (993-12)51-06-92,  51-11-76,  51-04-12,  39-73-68 
Fax:(993-12)51-06-92,  51-11-76


Paradise Travel Agency 
34 Gerogly Street, Suite 14 
Tel: (993-12) 39-05-41, 35-62-37 
Fax: (993-12) 39-05-41 

Amado Tourist Firm 
67 Azadi Street, "Daykhan" hotel 
Tel: (993-12) 51-11-76, 51-04-12 
Fax: (993-12) 51-11-76 

Ayan Tourist Firm 
Tel: (993-12) 35-29-14,  35-07-97 

Durdyniyaz Tourist Firm 
48 Magtymguly Avenue 
Fax:9993-12) 51-16-60 
Tel: (993-12) 47-92-17 

Turkmensiyahat State Corporation 
30 Khudaiberdyeva Street 
Tel: (993-12) 39-77-71 
Fax: (993-12) 39-67-40 
Fax: (993-12) 39-67-40 

Latif Travel Agency 
36a Khudaiberdyev Street 
Tel: (993-12) 41-50-77, 41-50-87 

Museums in Aºgabat 

Turkmen History Museum 

This excellent small museum houses archeological finds from sites around Turkmenistan. The collection of items from Nisa, a Partian site very near Ashgabat, is particularly interesting. Do not miss the display of ivory ritons. The model of Nisa is very helpful to anyone who intends to visit the site.
Director: Agabai Atagarryev; Address: 1 Shevchenko Street;
Hours: Daily 10:00am to 6:00pm, closed Monday; Entry Fees: 10,000 manats (US$2) Tel: 993-12-35-45-54; 35-51-38

Museum of Fine Arts

This museum houses an eclectic mixture of fine arts and crafts. Most surprising are the Renaissance paintings and sculptures. More interesting to visitors are the rooms filled with carpets and jewelry of the various Turkmen tribes. Director: Bekmurad Djumayevich Kayumov; Address: 84 Mahktumguli Prospect; Hours: Daily 10:00am to 5:30pm, closed Tuesdays; Entry Fee: 5,000 manats (US$1) Union of Artists. Exhibits of paintings and sculptures by contemporary Turkmen artists. The gallery shop has works for sale. Address: 33 Zhitnikova Street; Hours: Daily 10:00 to 6:00pm 

Carpet Factory

About 200 people are employed here to produce what are known as "Bukhara" carpets. The visitor is invited to watch and take pictures of the staff knotting the carpets. Some carpets are sold here. Carpets purchased from the factory have one advantage over those sold at other sources: you do not have to obtain an export permit for them. The receipt is all you need for airport customs. Location: 23 Liebknecht Street; Hours: 10:00am to 6:00pm, closed from 1:00 to 2:00 pm for lunch. 

Carpet Museum

This museum has a large, impressive collection of antique carpets and also the largest Turkmen carpet in the world. Groups may reserve in advance for a tour (10 or more people) and reduced entry fees. Please note there are charges for picture taking and video taping. Next door is the museum shop. Carpets purchased here will also receive a license and permit (which you will be charged for) for airport customs. Director: Tuvakbibi Kurbanovna Durdyeva; Location: 5 Gorogly Street; Hours: Daily 10:00 am to 6:00pm, closed for lunch between 1:00 and 2:00pm, closed Sundays; Entry Fees: 25,000 manats (US$5). 

Historical Site of NISA

This site includes the remians of the Parthian fortress of Nisa (second century B.C. through the second century A.D.) In ancient times, this fortress included the treasury of the king of the Arshakid Dynasty. Director: Kurban Ballyev; Located in the Akhal velayat, settlement of Bagyr (30 mintes by car from Ashgabat); Hours: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, closed Tuesdays; Entry Fee: 5000 manats.

Historical Site "Geok-Depe Fortress"

Geok-Depe is a fortress from the nineteenth century where a particularily bloody battle (1881) was fought between the Turkmen and the Russians who were attempting to take over Turkmenistan. In 1995, a mosque was built to commemorate the battle of Geok-Depe.
Director: Orazmurad Khanov; Located in the Akhal velayat, town of Geok-depe (40 minutes by car from Ashgabat); Tel: 99-3132-23-24; Hours: Daily 10:00am to 5:00pm. 

Historical site "Abiverd"

This site is near the ancient oasis of Sarakh. Here, the visator can see ruins of the mausoleum of Abu-Said Mayhene, an oriental philosopher(1049). Director: Akhmed Khalmuradov.

Historical site "Sarakhs"

The mausoleum of the religios leader Abdul-Fazla (1024) is located here. This mausoleum is one of the most complete architectual works of art still standing in Turkmenistan. Director: Annamurad Amanberdyev; Located in the Akhal velayat, village of Sarakhs (4.5 hours by car from Ashgabat; Tel: 993-134-2-14-44. 

Mary Historical site and ethnographical museum

This museum has just opened an exhibit of archeological finds from sites excavated in the Mary oasis, including material from the Bronze Age, sites of Gonur adn Togoluk and the cities of ancient Merv. The building in which the museum is housed is itself worth a visit, as are the museum's other exhibits. Director: Maya Assadulina; Eglish speaking guide: Evgeniya Golubeva; Located in the city of Mary at 1 Komsomolskaya Street (5 hours by car from Ashgabat); Tel: (37022) 3-27-22; Hours: Daily 10:00am to 5:00pm 

Mary Historical site "Ancient Merv"

Merv, a stop on the ancient Silk Road to the Far East, is the largest ancient site that has been discovered in Turkmenistan. The mausoleum of Sultan Sanjar, located there, is Merv's most famous structure. It was built during the tenth through the twelfth centuries, A.D. Located about 1 hour by car from the city of Mary; Director: Redjep Djepbarov; Tel: (37064) 2-22-17; an English speaking guide is available at the Mary Historical Museum. 

Charjou Historical and Ethnographical Museum

This museum possesses an interesting collection of artifacts from the Lebab velayat, which also included cities on the Silk Road. Located in the city of Charjou (7 hours by car from Ashgabat) on 35 Shaidjanov Street; Director: Maya Akmamedova; Hours: Daily 10:00am to 5:00pm, closed Mondays; Tel: (993-422) 4-80-79.

Historical site "Kerki"

The mausoleum of Astan-Baba is a unique structure located at this site, northwest from the town of Kerki. It has been rebuilt many times during the centuries. Located 3 hours by car from Charjou; Director: Kurban Djumageldyev; Tel: (993-444) 22-98. 

Ethnographical Museum Turkmenbashi

Although the history of the city begins in 1717 when the Russians marched on Khiva, the museum has interesting artifacts from the Seljuk empire when Genghis Khan invaded from the steppes through TransCaspia (The region east of the Caspian). Located at 2 Magtymova Street, Turkmenistanbashi (about a 7 hour drive by car from Ashgabat); Director: Akgul Kalpakova; Tel: (993-222) 7-62-13; Hours: Daily 10:00am to 5:00 pm, closed Mondays. 

Historical Site "Dekhistan"

Dekhistan is considered the most important oasis in southwest Turkmenistan. On this site the city of Misrian reached its peak when it belonged to the Shahs of Khoresm (end of the 15th century). Only a few ruins remain. Located in the Kizilatrek region, village of Madau (about 7 hours by car from Ashgabat); Director: Durdy Kurbanov; Tel: (432-42-1-34). 

Historical Site "Keneurgench"

In the Middle Ages, a powerful, state controlled Shah of Khorsem was located here. This city was destroyed by the army of the Emir of Samarkand Teimour (1388). The Tyrabek-Khanum Palace is one of the architectural monuments here. Located at 79 Moskovskaya Street, city of Keneurgench in the Dashhouz velayat (8 hours by car from Ashgabat); Direcotr: Yagshimurad Ashiorv; Tel: (360-47) 2-10-08

From another reference:

National museum of Turkmenistan 

Address/Location: 30 Novofiryuzinskoye Shosse (highway). National Museum of Turkmenistan is located south of Ashgabat in Berzengi
Working days: Everyday, except Tuesday and every first Monday of the month. 
Working hours: 10 a.m. –5:00 p.m. 
Entrance fees: $10 for foreigners, 5000 Turkmen manats for locals and diplomats (diplomats have to show their diplomatic cards) 
Guide services : English speaking guide is available at the museum. Cost: $ 10 per person for foreigners and 1000 manats for local people and diplomats. 

There are 8 permanently functioning exhibition halls in four different areas: history of Turkmenistan and Turkmen nation, history of Turkmen carpets, nature, and ethnography. Historical exposition covers the period from primeval times to modern days. Visitors to the museum can purchase Turkmen crafts and souvenirs in the shop located in the museum. 

Carpet Museum 

5 Gorogly Street, Ashgabat (next to the Grand Turkmen Hotel) 
Tel: (993-12) 39-88-87 or 39-88-79 
Open: Monday - Saturday; 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. 
Closed: Sundays 
Entry fee: 25,000 Manats 
Director: Tuvakbibi Kurbanovna Durdyeva 

This museum has a large impessive collection of antiques and world- renowned Turkmen carpets, as well as the largest hand-knotted Turkmen carpet in the world. It also has a carpet shop where visitors can buy new handmade carpets. See exports for information about taking rugs out of Turkmenistan. 

Historical Site "NISSA" 

The ruins of Old Nissa are situated near the Bagir Village, about 15 km west of Ashgabat. Old Nissa was the capital of the Parthian Empire, one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Nissa is mentioned in the ZendAvesta – sacred book of Zoroastrianism. Old Nissa is located on the territory that constitutes the core of the Parthian Empire. It was the land where the Parthian kings started their conquests and turned small Parthia into a huge empire of the ancient world that stretched from the Indus to the Euphrates. 
Open: Wednesday - Monday; 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 
Closed: Tuesdays 
Entry Fee: 5,000 Manats 

Historical site "Geok-Depe Fortress" 

khal Velayat, town of Geok-Depe  (40 minutes outside of Ashgabat by car) 
Tel: (993-12) 23-24 
Open: Daily; 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 
Director: Orazmurad Khanov   Geok-depe is a fortress from the nineteenth century where a bloody battle (1881) was fought between the Turkmen and the Russians who were attempting to take over Turkmenistan. In 1995, a mosque was built to commemorate the battle of Geok-Depe

Historical site "Abiverd

Akhal Velayat, village of Kaakhka  (An hour and half by car from Ashgabat) 
Director: Akhmed Khalmuradov 
This site is near the ancient oasis of Sarakhs. Here, the visitor can see ruins of the mausoleum of Abu-Said Meyhene, an oriental philosopher (1049 A.D.) 

Historical site "Sarakhs

Akhal Velayat, village of Sarakhs  (Four and a half hours by car from Ashgabat) 
Tel: (993-134) 2-12-44 
Director: Annamurad Amanberdyev The mausoleum of the religious leader Abul-Fazla (1024 A.D.) is located here. This mausoleum is one of the most complete architectural works of art still standing in Turkmenistan. 

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